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Slick and effortless tango dance moves will not go as planned without good Tango Shoes. Here are some tips in what to look for, and how to care for your Tango Shoe.

Taking Care of your Argentine Tango Shoe

-  If you must wear your shoes for streetwear, they will then work best for dancing if you brush them periodically with a steel brush reserved for this purpose. (We'll be supplying this shortly) Try brushing with the nap at first, but if this doesn't restore the "fuzzy" surface, brush against the nap. You can even try a circular motion, if necessary applying moderate pressure to raise the nap. 

- If your top tango shoes are made of fabric or suede, spray them with Scotch guard before first use. Scotch guard will protect it from dirt, soil, and stains. For leather shoes, use a polish to clean leather tango shoes. You can also apply leather protectant on your leather shoes to increase its lifespan. If you need to wipe your shoes, use only a soft cloth, rag or a soft brush.

- Take care of the insole. Wash it with a small amount of water and soap. Use paper towels to dry and let it sit and rest. Also brush with a soft brush after dancing in it.

-  Don't expose it to wet weather as water softens the leather overtime. Moreover, using leather tango shoes on wet grounds and then to the dance floor will be harmful to the wood floor. 

- Sweat destroys the tango shoes so don't use one pair two times in a row. Invest in two pairs of tango shoes and use alternately. Let one sit and rest for at least 24 hours to evaporate the sweat. This is the way to prolong the life of your tango shoes. 

We supply Shoe Bags for each order which are great for storing your Tango Shoe.

So how do Tango Shoes differ from standard shoes?

Tango Shoes have the advantage of being lighter in weight than most conventional shoes (so that you work less while dancing) and more flexible (so that they form around your feet with less pressure that conventional footwear). 

They are also designed with more padding in the sole than many conventional shoes, so that you feet are more comfortable dancing for longer.

What to look out for in a good Tango Shoe:

When you buy tango shoes specifically for dance, buy one as a practice shoes and one as a regular dancing shoes. 

Choose Argentine tango shoes- and ensure that they that fit comfortably. Whether you are the leader or the follower in the tango, your tango shoes will need to act like an extension of your feet. If you are unsure of your Argentine size, then have a look at Measurements

Pivoting in tango is crucial, so you need to make sure that you will be able to pivot easily. This means that the tango shoes will allow easy pivoting without exerting a lot of strain on your body. Smooth-soled tango shoes are your best bet. 

Remember to practice with your tango shoes so that your feet will be comfortable in the shoe despite the rapid and constant shuffling.  

Buy high quality tango shoes. Cheap ones will have a longer break-in time. You also need to replace low quality shoes more often. 

In the end, the tango shoes that you will get can help make or break your dancing.

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